Lord help us

Well, Pelosi has said she will run again because she has to save our democracy. The only problem with that thought is we don’t live in a democracy, we live in a constitutional republic. Perhaps Ms. Pelosi should brush up on our history.

When our founding fathers got together for the Constitutional Convention in 1787 the prevailing thought was that the trend toward democracy had to be stopped. Our first form of government had a weak federal branch and 13 separate state governments with the governors and legislators elected by the people.

Our independence fostered a time where ordinary men with less education had gotten elected as representatives along with special and local interest groups keeping the legislators busy with local, and not national, concerns.

The founding fathers thought this form of government made the process highly responsive to moods of the local people, and not the nation, which could lead to dangerous results. Things like printing too much money, pork barrel legislation, and corruption.

So the Constitution was framed to address the shortfalls of the Articles of Confederation. The Constitution gave Congress the power to raise revenue, pay off debt, regulate trade, and deal with international affairs. This created a powerful, yet limited, federal government.

So our Constitution was designed to solve the problems with the form of state government, fix the obstacles in the Articles of Confederation, restrain democracy, and protect minority rights from the state legislators. And that is why we need the Constitution and don’t need Pelosi.

Enjoy our Thursday. Now for some coffee.

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