We know this post is late, the alley is still iced over, and I’ve calmed down a little from yesterday lesson in life. Yeah, I admit I don’t do well in some situations. But yesterday was crazy by any standards. The wife had an appointment with our family doctor and we knew going in for a wait to be seen.

Said appointment had been made in advance and, as usual, the nurse took us back after about a 15 minute wait. The nurse took vitals and said she’d tell the doctor we were waiting. After another hour wait the doctor finally came into the examination room.

If it had been my appointment I’d have walked out way before he made an appearance. I realize that doctors are important, but also feel a little common respect could be shown to the patient. Even if someone would poke their head in the door and say they were running late would be nice. Instead you are left guessing how long your wait will be.

This is why I don’t go to the doctor unless I’m damned near dead or having major problems. Smaller problems I just deal with unless they get worse. When I have an appointment the first thing the doc says is that my blood pressure is high which I tell him to take it again and it will be normal. I don’t like waiting, I detest masks so of course it’s high.

After the visit we decided to stop for lunch to unwind a little and enjoy what was left of the day. Don’t know when they started the calorie count on the menus yet find that distracting. I did not know the lunch I ordered had 1400 calories until yesterday and still don’t care. Here’s hoping for a better day today.

Enjoy our Wednesday. Now I need more coffee and a calorie free donut.

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