Another brain fart

Sorry this is so late but got uploading pictures to share and had a brain fart. Think I’m ok now but some would argue with my assessment. So without further delay, here are a few pictures we finally got uploaded to the computer.

We like this time year as we can see more of the church steeple after the leaves start falling. The view will only get better as the trees shed more leaves. Can’t say a little color is a bad thing either until the rest drop though.

Speaking of color, can’t beat these this time of the year. Funny how just a few leaves still have some green on them. These should be gone after the cold front moving in. Glad they’re not in our yard. Not a great shot with all the power lines in it and yet we couldn’t get a shot without them in the picture.

This male robin was up in another nearby tree and we got a couple shots, a long shot and a zoom. Like the leaves this robin seems to blend in pretty good. We found him anyway. In the top picture he’s in the center of the pic.

This female cardinal was on the phone line and was gracious enough to pose for a picture. Usually, by the time I pull the camera up and focus they’re gone. She was enjoying the gray day as much as I was. This one looked healthy and content to have me shoot a few pictures.

Finally, saw this guy in the pine tree and if he was a duller color we would have missed him. He was singing away, perhaps in hope of finding his mate. A little early to say it but this is almost like a Christmas card. Hope you liked the pictures and enjoy the rest of our Wednesday. Now I need more coffee to stay awake.

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