Perfect days

Yesterday was as close to a perfect day as it gets. It hit 69 degrees for a high, Lady Luck was sitting on my shoulder, the camera got some great shots., and the wifes portable oxygen concentrator arrived. The only think that wasn’t perfect was the choice of critters to take pictures of. All we saw was cats.

This fine looking trio crossed the alley and sampled the food bowls and water bowl. Everyone concerned thought all the female feral cats got fixed only to discover that wasn’t the case. Our neighbor and I agree that while kittens look cute, they don’t stay that way when the grow into food consuming adults.

Lil Bit and Lil one were the first to appear and hung around all day. Due to supply chain problems the store didn’t have our regular brand of cat food so we bought a more expensive brand. Of course all the cats love the new food. Hope the old brand makes it to the store by next week as these critters are getting expensive.

Puka was out and it looked like his scar is healing nicely. As the alpha male cat he has to keep up appearances. He is also a gentleman as if he sees smaller cats at the food bowls he will watch and wait until they’re done. He’s still a good looking cat.

Fluffy had to give his opinion of the day. He’s not a big fan of waiting in line to eat. Either that or he’s getting tired of seeing the camera pointed at him. He is one of the skittish ones who took to running with a kitten that has similar markings.

This gal likes to wait until there are no cats around the food bowls before she eats. Not sure what kind of cat she is but we find her interesting looking. Don’t know where she’ll wait when the bushes are cut back later this week. Sometimes we wonder where they all come from.

This one is just a cat on a roof. But it may have answered our question about where all the cats are coming from. What if this cat is the cat crier and gets up on this roof to tell the others cats we have the good food now? That makes as much sense as anything else we can come up with.

Enjoy our Monday. Now for more coffee before going back out to feed these critters.

2 Responses to Perfect days

  1. Shabonee says:

    AGREE…. About the cat crier.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Lol, I knew it!

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