Another one

Met my youngest son from my first marriage for breakfast yesterday and had a great time and some good food. If the place has biscuits and gravy, and coffee, I’m in. Hope you enjoyed it also Chris. That said, I went outside this morning in the rain with it cool enough to see your breath, and had a smoke and a grin. Going to be a another great day.

We also got our refrigerator running again so grocery shopping a little later is going to get expensive since we lost a lot when the fridge went out. Now’s the time to try some new things. We have a few pictures we’ll share, and it may sound crazy, but they are all of the same bird. There are only four, so please bear with us.

Went out later yesterday and saw this cardinal about 20 feet away. Decided to sneak back into the house, grab the camera, and hope this guy was still there when I got back. He was! He was getting wetter by the minute but was determined to have lunch.

At one point he looked to be trying to scare me off. Didn’t work, but we did get the picture. The lighting had changed since the first photo yet we like them both.

In this one he was munching among the poke weed and had a nifty cowlick. Whatever he was munching on must have been good as he kept at it for about 20 minutes longer. He was in the rain the entire time.

For this one we changed the settings to come up with a darker looking picture. He was still eating in the picture, and still very wet. At some point he had his fill and flew off to dryer spaces. It felt good to get these shots on such a dark day. And we didn’t even get wet taking the pictures as we were under an awning.

Enjoy our Friday, even if it’s raining where you’re at. Now for more coffee.

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