Slow but sure

This post is going to be slow going for me. Not because it is written for those who read slow, but due to an accident I had yesterday putting up a ladder. Made a rookie mistake and got a finger sliced by the rung lock. Be back to regular in no time and should only have type with 7 fingers for a few days. So let’s look at some pictures taken yesterday.

The last picture taken yesterday was of the moon. He looked happy so we chatted for a while. Won’t be long and he’ll be a full moon. Great view on a perfect night.

This little lady came prancing out the scrub brush like she owned the place. Have to say, she had some piercing eyes. This feral cat has been coming around a while yet is still skittish. Fine with us as she is a wild critter anyway.

Saw this flower with the pink accents and took it as proof that God is still in the wheelhouse and wants us to be happy. The wife also smiled when I showed her. Pictures can’t do it justice.

This cardinal was perched on a phone line and the background is the soffit of a neighbors house. Thought the colors made this one pop. Probably not to everyone taste, but we like the shot.

A little further down the same phone line and with the sky as a background, perched this male robin. This was early morning so the colors aren’t on full display as we try not to edit our photos. Not even sure what our free photo editor can do but am learning. And it wasn’t all cats and birds out and about yesterday.

We know raccoons are pests yet we find them hilarious to watch. The wife was going to have breakfast cereal and didn’t notice the milk had gone bad until she poured it in the bowl. Although I threw the cereal on the lawn thinking the birds would eat it, this masked bandit beat them to it. This one is one of three that eats what is left of cats food after dark.

Enjoy our Monday as I’ll be busy waiting for a package to arrive. Hope it gets here this morning or I’ll run out things to do with my 7 good fingers. Now I need some coffee.

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