Flying away

Heard a jet engine so looked to the sky to see the source. Soon, this plane flew over and gracefully crossed the sky. This plane went straight as an arrow and a little lower than others we’ve seen and we thought that was because it wasn’t as big as others we see.

That got us thinking a little and I realized that some military training never goes away. Before I even knew it happened I had known it was a smaller jet and once in sight a civilian passenger plane. Once that was processed we watched. While it wasn’t wide open, the plane was by no means slow either.

We watched until it became a tiny dot and then disappeared into the blue. It was fun to watch and hear this plane pass us by on its journey through time. And we pondered, was it a business flight? Someone going on vacation? The plane wasn’t talking so we don’t know.

Here on the east coast of Iowa planes flying over happen all the time. With the wildlife being quiet, this time was different. Some birds have already migrated and others waiting to do so must be in group planning sessions because they were nowhere to be seen, or heard. Or perhaps they chartered the plane?

Enjoy our Thursday as I enjoy some more coffee.

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