Been thinking again

Yes, we’re late. Seems like every time we have good intentions life gets in the way. But now the errands are done and things that popped up needing attention are fixed, so here we go.

While out buying groceries we overheard an older gentleman talking to the chip guy and were surprised the chip guy acted surprised. The older gentleman said that prices were going to go up, shelves were going to be empty again, and there could be a food shortage. And I agreed. Perhaps not an actual shortage, but a big enough kink in the supply chain to make it appear so.

And if you watch some of the videos of Biden during a speech getting far off topic or sounding like he’s making a word cocktail, it isn’t hard to believe. So I’ll go out and see if there are any critters that want their portrait taken today and enjoy the solitude. It’s a lot better for my blood pressure and mood. It will be nice once my eyes are fixed and I can actually tell if I take a good picture or not.

Then we have the Olympics starting and the mass media will follow it around the clock. We will not watch a bunch of grown athletes take a knee during our National Anthem. When they made their choice we lost any respect we had for them. Much like when NASCAR went Woke, we have better things to do with our time.

But enough of that, enjoy our Friday as the weekend is here. Going to a hot one here so we’ll spend it inside as much as we can. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

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