Made a mistake

Yesterday in the post I stated that there were no critters to take pictures of and it seems a mistake was made. When out later this mistake was recognized and corrected.

In that post we mentioned we haven’t seen a monarch butterfly that would sit still long enough to let us get a picture. As you can see, that changed yesterday. Went outside on a whim and noticed the butterfly on the grass but didn’t have the camera, so went back inside to get it. When back out we noticed the butterfly was gone but found it on a nearby plant. This is one critter we can now say we have seen this year.

Don’t know if dead bugs count as critters or not. It just looked almost mechanical laying on its back atop the garbage bin. As you can see it almost looks like something from an alien type movie or something. Yes we knew it was dead yet can’t deny we found it interesting.

These two starlings were posed at the top of the old pine tree and while not super clear, we took the shot. Could have edited it to straighten the tree yet if you know the tree you know it looks like this. It just isn’t straight at the top.

Finally, a few crows came back around yesterday to let us know they haven’t forgot us. Still don’t know how they can make so much noise. So critters did come out yesterday, it was just later than expected. All these pictures were shot with auto-focus and will continue to be until my eyes get fixed.

Enjoy our Thursday as it’s another day we can add to our memories. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

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