We’re off

This is a picture of Yoda, the old many toed cat. Not sure how old she is but it has to be pretty old for a cat. She was a rescue cat and has 24 toes with a mellow disposition. Been a great cat and we’re leaving her in charge of the wifes feline brigade.

It’s amazing how many things have to get done when you leave everything until the last minute. Think I had a few short breaks yesterday and hope everything is ready to go. If we missed anything I apologize now. Once the wife gets home from work we’ll load the trunk and be on our way.

Not sure what all we’re going to see except Lake of the Ozarks, the world’s largest candy store, and a really old gas station in Lebanon, Missouri. Of course we’ll also be on Route 66 by this evening and will hook up with the mother road again in Oklahoma tomorrow. No toll roads for us.

Until we get to our regular motel in Oklahoma posting may be sporadic as well as the pictures. We hope to get plenty of pictures but one never knows what the weather will do. So if we missed something we’re sorry and we’ll keep you informed as we can.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will. Now for some wake up coffee.

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  1. Shabonee says:

    addddress, time leaving?

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