One more day

Now that Father’s Day is behind us we know our vacation is just a dream away. Figured a way to go mostly 2 lane black top and still see some of the attractions along the way. We are ready. Now, here are some pictures-

Going back to our post the other day, this moon shot is cropped. This was done to help show the detail on the moon. This was taken around sunset and yes, the sky was that blue.

Not to confuse anyone, but this picture of Missy is not cropped. We just got close enough that her face filled the screen. We wanted to see in detail what an ornery cat looks like. If she feels she doesn’t get enough attention she will swat at you until she gets it.

This picture of Lil One isn’t cropped either. Took this just as she was getting ready to attack something or someone. It was probably Lil Bit she was after but she was focused.

Had to share this one of Lil One acting like a hunting dog. This picture is was taken because we like it like that. Grateful to have time some days to witness things like this, and get it on camera. The small burrs on Lil One were all gone this morning so we didn’t have to work on that.

This shot is cropped and shows an angry robin on a fence rail. Now sure what he was mad about but he was very vocal about it. Didn’t realize birds could turn their heads around that far and got a sore neck just looking at the picture. He did eventually fly off and didn’t come back.

Enjoy our Monday as we will. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

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