Back again

Got some back pain yesterday and lost track of time trying to get rid of it. No more furniture moving for this oldfart. The pain is still with me this morning but we’ll try to work through it, and if things go as expected I may have pants on before the dinner bell.

This cat was back in longer green stuff and was on high alert. Not sure what the problem was but it had all his attention. Good looking specimen regardless.

This one was also way out back creeping around like he was tracking something. Always enjoy seeing this one as he looks like somebody put him together using whatever parts were laying around. It did make for some fun watching though. Shots like this remind me I need a longer lens.

The wife calls this one fluffy, and as always she looks like she just came out of a wind storm. She has gotten better at grooming herself but still has a way to go. At any rate we think she’s an interesting looking critter. She’s also as shy as they come.

This one stays by the shop and only gets closer to eat. She also waits for the other cats to finish eating before she takes her turn at the bowl. She’d also probably jump a foot in the air if she saw her shadow behind her. We’re getting a little tired of taking cat pictures, but when you take pictures in your back yard the subjects don’t change much.

Except the sky, it’s always changing. At times it isn’t blue and when it is blue it’s never the same shade of blue. Sometimes so clear there’s not a cloud it sight while other times the clouds are so thick you can’t even see the sky. Yet we’re rarely disappointed when we go outside and look towards the Heavens.

Enjoy our Saturday even if it’s soggy like here. Now for some coffee. Comments are always welcome.

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