What the ?

Had a good sunrise the other morning before the world got crazy. Not sure what’s going on but do know I don’t like it. Heard on the local news that car thefts in our city are 166% over this time last year. Then came news of a couple of shots fired calls. It would seem our fair city is earning the nickname ‘Little Chicago’. Still say the main reason for this uptick is the Juvenile Court system that slaps the offenders on the wrist when caught. The police are doing all they can with the restrictive laws in place.

We personally knew kids who would brag about being on probation for a half dozen, or more, crimes at the same time. Now we have a dead 14 year old and property damage to vehicles and homes that the owners end up having to deal with. What ever happened to 3rd strike and you’re out? Perhaps if these kids knew they would be spending time in prison at the third offense it would straighten some of them out.

The offenders appear to be getting younger and if caught will tell you that you can’t hit them, or detain them for the police, because they’re minors. But from what we see this whole ‘there are no bad kids’ attitude of the justice system hasn’t been working. Perhaps it’s time to show some tough love. Why not put them to work to pay for the damages they created instead of giving them another probation? If they don’t show up for work, or give money for reparations, throw them in jail.

Looks like politicians are more worried about how to spend more money than actual problems that exist. Instead of setting inmates free and getting rights for those who enter our country illegally they should be fixing the damage they’ve already done to this country. I’ll end this here before smoke starts coming out my ears.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we will. Now for some more coffee and leftover pizza. Comments are always welcome.

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  1. cruisin2 says:

    A,L, Luttrell,
    thanks for helping to get the word out.

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