Not a mushroom

Once again certain politicians and the media are treating us like mushrooms. You know, they keep us in the dark and fill us full of BS. In this case about the corona virus or whatever they’re calling it now. If we are to believe these legends in their own minds we should be in panic mode.

Flights have been cancelled, gas prices are down because we’re not
buying gas, and this virus can stay airborne for anywhere from a few
minutes to several hours depending on who’s trying to be the expert.
Mass panic has ensued, face masks are popping up on faces all over
the planet, and we hear toilet paper is in high demand.

Bottom line is, due to this planned hysteria businesses are losing
money, travel is down, and even the stock market has taken a plunge.
We smell a rat. Actually, quite a few. Things were going great before
the viurs was announced to the world earlier this month.

Then the media and politicians got hold of the news and caused a
panic that might rival the airing of ‘War of the Worlds’ with Orson
Welles. We wonder if all this attention isn’t just a ploy against our
sitting president to make him look bad in an election year.

Yes, other countries are doing much the same, but one still has to
wonder. And if these self-proclaimed ‘experts’ who fill their news
programs with this BS knew about the outbreak in December why
weren’t we told then?

We need to stop the nonsense and not let others tell us we should
be should running scared. When June rolls around this whole thing
will be just be yesterdays news with less fatalities than deaths from
gunshots in Chicago.

All we need to do is keep calm, wash our hands, and not get too
close to people who cough without covering their mouth. Enjoy our
Thursday as it means the end of the work week is only a dream away.
Now for some coffee to go with my cheeseburger.
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4 Responses to Not a mushroom

  1. I could not agree more!

  2. P Spurgeon says:

    Media (Democrat) hyped situation

  3. P Spurgeon says:

    Media (Democrat) hyped situation for sure.

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