Bound to happen

We know, this is late and we didn’t post anything yesterday. Don’t
have an excuse but have a few reasons as to why this happened. As
it turned out I couldn’t find my butt with both hands yesterday. It
was one of those days where the lights were on but nobody was home.

And earlier today I had to clear the white fluffy love from above
off the car, driveway, and walks. Not being as young as I once was,
this turned out to be a bigger chore than expected.

With my usual luck when I went out a male cardinal was perched in a
nearby bush so I went back inside to grab the camera and get a shot. Of course by the time I got back out the cardinal was gone. Later I did manage to get a few pictures, just not of bright red cardinals. I’ll upload later and if they turn out will share a few
here tomorrow.

So it snowed last night and today it’s almost 40 degrees out on the
east coast of Iowa. The weather people on TV claim tomorrow and
Friday will be even warmer. I guess the Old Farmer’s Almanac wasn’t
kidding when it said this year would end with a ‘polar coaster’.

I don’t blame global climate change for that as I believe climate
change is a hoax to squeeze more tax monies out of those of us who
feel guilty about supposedly ruining our weather. It is what it is,
the weather.

Enjoy our Wednesday and watch out for rogue camels. Now I need
more coffee and some lunch.
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