Another first

Overslept a bit but when I went out to feed the cats a car was in
our driveway that I didn’t recognize. Besides being parked at an odd
angle it had a smashed front end and no plates. So I went over to
our neighbors to see if it was theirs, it wasn’t, and called the police

After describing the car, the damage, and the fact it had no license
plates I was told the car was reported stolen and was involved in a
police chase last night. So after the first policeman arrived and
confirmed the car was stolen a crime scene technician quickly followed
and a short time later the owner.

Pictures were taken and the tech dusted for fingerprints then took
more pictures before declaring herself done. The owner had some
running to do but told me he would have the car out of here today. I
hope he does. The cats don’t like the car parked so close their food
bowls and the wife wants her parking spot back.

The police were happy to find the car, the owner thanked me several
times for calling it in, and hopefully it will be a memory later
today. The sad thing is it looked like it was a nice car before the
theft and accident occured and insurance will probably total it.

The car probably will get totaled as it’s an orphan brand. If you
don’t know what that means, it’s a brand no longer in production so
parts are probably hard to find and expensive.

Enjoy our Wednesday as we’ve made it half-way through the week.
Now for more coffee.
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