Good times

Some days we get so distracted that time passes and before we
realize it the day is gone. Today was such a day and most of it was
spent outside watching nature at its finest. At least that’s what I

Went out earlier and after feeding and watering the feral cats for a quick look around had me gazing to the sky. A nearby tree was losing leaves at a rate that had it been rain it would have been a good drizzle.

The alley went from gray concrete to the yellow, orange, and gold of
the new fallen leaves. And they just kept falling. Some would get
carried by the wind and spin through the blue sky to end quite a
distance from the tree.

And with the blue sky as a backdrop it seemed almost magical. I don’t
think Disney could pull off a more colorful display. Even the feral
cats got into the act by jumping up and swatting at the falling
leaves. Some were very acrobatic.

A couple squirrels scampered about looking for their hidden supplies
or running around with walnuts in the their mouths to hide them
elsewhere. With all that going on, I also noticed that there was not
a bird to be seen.

Not sure if they’re hunkered down in their nests or airing out their
long johns. Now back inside I realized it was not a wasted day but
one to remember. Everything meshed together like a well rehearsed

Enjoy our Thursday, or Friday Eve if you prefer. Now for some coffee
to prepare for the chores that didn’t get done earlier.
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