Late again

Here on our portion of the east coast of Iowa we vote. If you live
here, or have an election also, please vote. You may have noticed we
missed posting yesterday and while we’re sorry about that it couldn’t
be helped.

Seems I keep forgetting I’m no spring chicken anymore and push things that don’t need pushing. In this case it turned into a step back on the road to getting better. Now I’m almost to where I was before the set back.

Saw this bird while out getting some fresh air a few days ago and got
a shot. Seemed to be determined to enjoy the day.

A few of the feral kittens were out and about so we’ll share some pictures of how they’ve grown. They almost have me trained as they are outside waiting to be fed at 6 am every morning, rain or shine. Even mama cat is coming back around.

Since mama cat is no longer bigger than a basketball we believe she
had another litter. So far she has them well but when I’m feeling a
little better we’ll have a better look.

And again we’ll say that regular postings will begin again. I’m
getting ready to go out and see if any critters want a picture and
if so will share here in a later post. Enjoy our Tuesday as
tomorrow the pesky camel will be around. Now for more coffee.
Comments are always welcome.

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  1. cruisin2 says:

    Passport Overused,
    thank you.

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