Day 3

Yesterday we had breakfast in our motel and our granddaughter
stayed overnight. It was a kind of boring day. We hit Walmart and
Best Buy then stopped at the Shawnee Cafe for lunch. Since it was
the daily special I tried the cheeseburger.

One bite and I knew it was favorite mom and pop diner here. The
place is only open until 1:45 pm as they don’t stay open for
dinner anymore. So we went someplace for dinner.

I remembered the Boom-a-rang Diner from our last visit so when the
son stopped over with a few things the granddaughter forgot, we
went. Again I had the daily special and it wasn’t a cheeseburger.
It was an open face hamburger patty on Texas toast covered with
beef gravy and topped with french fries covered in beef gravy.

Not exactly healthy, but I woke up grinning remembering the meal.
And Anna wanted another picture in front of the mural to show off
her t-shirt. It reads “I asked God for a partner in crime and he
sent me my hot Nana Grandma”.

Tomorrows post will have more on our visit to Tulsa today with
pictures taken at the aquarium. I know this is late but it’s been
that kind of day.

Enjoy what’s left of our Thursday as we are enjoying the air
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