Just one of those days

Yesterday the sky was blue and the birds were out. Today I’ve
been running since I got up. Yesterday I marveled at seeing
European starlings and crows in the same tree while today it
took all I had not to strangle a cat!

Yes, it’s been one of those days. After waking up this morning
I wandered into the kitchen and before the coffee was even done
one of the wife’s older cats decided to use her laptop bag as a
litter box. The bag is history but I did manage to save the
computer and most of the contents of said bag.

So after getting a late start on our errands a new one was
added to the list. We had to find a laptop bag that didn’t smell
as gamey as the old one. I didn’t realize there were so many
different sizes and types of bags for laptops. We learned not to
trust what you read on labels also.

The wife said her laptop was a 17 inch. Wally World only had
one bag with a tag that stated it fit a 17 inch laptop. So she
got it and after an hour running the rest the errands we were
back at home. This is when we learned not to trust the labels.

Although her laptop fit in the bag we couldn’t zip the bag
shut. I guess technically the laptop did fit and just assumed
that the bag would also close. At least everything else went
smoothly once we got the problems sorted.

And we have snow coming tonight, even though it doesn’t look
to be a bad storm. If all we get is 3 inches I’m going to feel
cheated. It’s hardly worth it to get my gear on and machinery
out for less than a foot. I’ll manage anyway.

So enjoy our Friday as that means the weekend gets here just in
time for the snow. Now I need more coffee while enjoying the
calm before the storm.
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