Late day

I woke up early yet have been late the rest of the day. We all
have days like that but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. In
a short while I’ll be caught up and back to the regular routine.

Yesterday I heard the helicopter that transports patients from
hospital to hospital and wherever it going and it flew right
over our house. Don’t know how noisy they are inside but they
are noisy flying over.

And the cardinals were out for the second day in a row, this
time having lunch in our back yard. The male was greedy with
the seed put out on a small slab of concrete and even chased
the female off who came to join him.

He started making a lot of noise when a female tried to get to
the food and ran her off to a nearby fence where she watched him
eat. I didn’t see if she ever got her meal or not but hope so.

A little later I watched the sun set on another great day here
on the east coast of Iowa. It again looked as if the west end
was on fire and made me wish I could have gotten a clear shot.

Today my running is done and in honor of getting back on some
sort of schedule I’m making au gratin potatoes for a late lunch.
Since it can’t be called brunch we’ll call it lupper. Enjoy our
Tuesday as it’s a beautiful day here. Now I need more coffee
and the ingredients to make lupper.
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