Of cardinals and the weather

While doing some outside chores yesterday I spotted a couple of
cardinals trying to hide in plain sight. When the first one was
seen my hands were full and the camera was on the computer desk.
So when I went back in the house and grabbed the camera I did
manage to get a shot of the other one.

It is said that a cardinal sighting means a loved one in
Heaven is paying you a visit, or thinking of you. Since I see
plenty of cardinals perhaps someone above feels I have left the
straight and narrow or at least strayed a little.

The sky looked like an old postcard that one could find in
various tourist traps around the country and had an almost
summer like feel to it. A perfect fit with cardinals spotted
earlier and a mood lifter for sure.

Later, I listened to the 6 o’clock news on TV and was told it
was 41 degrees outside and that today our high would be 58.
When I turned on the TV this morning at 7 a.m., it was 50
degrees and raining.

But this being Iowa I knew a change was on the way. Sure
enough, Wednesday the high will be 28 and a possibility of snow
is in the forecast for the weekend. It’s great to live here on
the east coast of Iowa. I can hope for a foot of snow by weeks
end while enjoying a warm day today.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s our first one of the year. Now I’m
going to fry up some bacon and make more coffee.
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