What would it be like

This little critter was out to greet us this morning when we
got back from getting our groceries. One we call mama cat cut
him off at the pass as she must have thought she needed more

Yesterday we spied the butterfly and thought it looked like a
selfie was in order. After resizing the picture I noticed there
was also a fly on a leaf to the left of the butterfly. I don’t
think either will mind being in the same shot.

Little did I know that this picture would keep me up half the
night. You may wonder how a simple picture could cause a
sleepless night and I’ll try to explain.

After getting the pictures on the computer and sizing them to
make uploading faster I noticed how small the fly was next
to the larger butterfly. Almost like going to an air show and
seeing a Douglas Dauntless next to a C-130.

And that got me wondering what would it be like if the fly was
as big as the butterfly and the butterfly was the size of the
fly. Some flies are noisy enough at their current size but I
imagined the buzzing if they were 10 times larger than their
current size.

Of course the colorful butterfly would be harder to photograph
if they were as small as a fly. Which caused me to wonder if the
fly would become more aggressive in a larger body or stay the
same noisy pest as the original size version. About this time a
glance of the clock told me it was 03:30 and we get to the
grocery store at 07:00.

Enjoy our Friday as it means the weekend is here. Now I need
a lot more coffee to stay awake.
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