Winding down

The Bix 7 was yesterday and not long after the start the wife
thought she heard the helicopters, or a helicopter, belonging to
news companies following the race. I knew from the sound it was
not a chopper but an old plane with a propeller. So I got the old
camera ready and have proof as seen above.

As the planes flew over, the sirens from the police bikes, and
the roar of bunch of Harley’s signaled the beginning of the event
this butterfly just sat calmly and posed for pictures. We were
glad he did.

As I watched this guy in the brush I would not have thought he
would be the cause of an argument between the wife and myself.
I simply stated the cat had blue eyes and the wife claimed they
were green. We’ll probably never know for sure but we’re both
too stubborn to change.

Almost walked right into guy as the sun made it almost
invisible at first glance. Some spider was busy putting this
together and it looks almost like a work of art.

Finally, I saw this guy on a wire above the alley and had to
get a shot. This picture was taken as he was between songs and
actually had his beak closed. After the picture he flew away
to a more hidden perch.

Enjoy our Sunday as we will with the cool weather here. Now for
a refill on coffee.
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2 Responses to Winding down

  1. Mamabear says:

    Gr8 pic’s. I love the old planes~my Dad was an air traffic controller during the Korean Conflict. The cats eyes look blue to me. Glad you didn’t destroy the spiders work of art.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thanks. I like the old planes also. The web is near a corner of the house we don’t use often so it’s safe for a while.

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