Aprils end

With one more day the month of April will be no more and we will
see the beginning of May. For some reason this made me think of
our pine tree with two tops. About 40 feet above the ground the
split begins and the tree top is as shown.

When the tree split 20+ years ago we thought the end was near
after a lightening strike, but it still survives. And when the
wind picks up it almost look like the two sides are dancing. Yet
the tree stays green and the cones keep dropping.

Some volunteer trees sprouted up in an adjoining lot and the
loss of some afternoon sun hasn’t stopped the tree either. It
has stood through droughts and downpours, cold winters and hot
summers, and yet it stands. The tree sways a lot more than it
used to and needs a trim but then so do I.

I watch this tree a lot because through all that it’s still
around to provide shade in the afternoon. If trees could talk
I’d gladly listen to the tale. Somehow I have a feeling a smile
would grace my face after said tale was told.

Oh yeah, the full moon last night. The squirrel of silliness
put a hex on my camera but I’ll share a couple pictures that
aren’t half bad. Near moon rise the trees and houses were in the
way and later a hazy sky made an perfect shot hard to get. We’ll
try again tonight.

Enjoy our Monday as it’s the last one we get this month. Now I
need more coffee and hear some leftover pizza calling my name.
Comments are always welcome.

2 Responses to Aprils end

  1. J.E says:

    I love this post. The pictures are fantastic. I love how certain events can remind us of something that puts a smile on our faces.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thank you.

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