Sunday moon

Last nights moon looked close to full but tonight at 8:58 pm
the Full Pink Moon arrives. The moon will not be pink, the name
denotes the the appearance of the “moss pink” or wild ground
phlox which is an early bloomer.

This moon is also known as the Spouting Grass Moon, the Egg
Moon, and the Fish Moon. As you may have guessed these names
were used by early Colonial Americans and they learned the
names from Native Americans.

To the Native Americans the Full Moon names helped the tribes
track the seasons thus the ‘named’ full moons. These Native
Americans didn’t have calendars sitting around so they kept an
eye on the time by watching the seasons change and lunar months.

Not all tribes marked time in the same however. To some tribes a
year consisted of 4 seasons while others used 5 seasons to mark
the year. Other tribes said the year contained 12 moons while
different tribes defined the year as 13 moons.

And according to folklore, the period from the full moon to
the last quarter of the moon is the best time for weed killing,
thinning, pruning, mowing, cutting timber, and planting below-
ground crops.

Now the we know a little more about tonight’s full moon we hope
you get a chance to get a look at it. If the night isn’t cloudy
we might get a picture. Enjoy our Sunday as the race is at
Talledaga and the weather is great.

Comments are always welcome.

3 Responses to Sunday moon

  1. Brittius says:

    …Pink? Like, in, little umbrella in the drink, kind of pink?

  2. jaicommunity says:

    Awesome – I captured a couple great moon photos over the weekend as well.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    exactly. Man, I haven’t seen one of those little umbrellas since Pearl Harbor.

    thanks. Glad to hear you got some great ones also.

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