The visit

Had a good time while having a chat with Dad and his care
giver. I took over prints we had made from digital pictures
that we took on the trip and both Dad and the care giver really
liked two of them. So we’ll share the two with you today.

This first one may have been posted here before, but I like it
too because the colors just seem to grab you and drag you into
the picture. This is of a homestead between Mountain Home and
Boise and I thought these people had found the perfect place
to live.

The other picture is more personal and was taken when we went
to park that had a little lagoon full of ducks. Our son sat
down and grabbed our grand daughter and I shot the picture.
Most who look at it really like this one for some reason.

I know I said two but will throw in an extra or the post will
be too short. We may have shared this one too but if we did
bear with us. We were at the interactive center and the ladies
got together around the bubble machine. I still haven’t
figured out who was having more fun.

That concludes the pictorial chapter of this post, as for the
talk with Dad, it went good. We talked of the usual things,
the cost of living, rural living, how there are more wild
animals in the cities than on farms, and everyone’s health. He
was in good spirits so we shared some laughs.

Then he had an appointment with a physical therapist and I had
to get the car home so the wife could go to work. Great start
to a great day. Enjoy our Wednesday.
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2 Responses to The visit

  1. Mamabear says:

    Great pic’s~all of them, but the one with son/granddaughter are especially good.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. For that picture I was in the right place for a change. It pays to be lucky and have a decent camera.

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