Getting crazy

Here in our river city on the east coast of Iowa we have a
couple problems that don’t look to be going away any time soon.
Both concern crime and appear to be on the upswing. Car thefts
and shots fired calls have been rising.

Our city has had 15 stolen vehicles this week through early
Saturday and 13 juveniles have been arrested. Police have been
vocal about locking cars and not leaving keys in the cars. The
criminals are said to be between 12-17 years old.

This makes sense in a way as if convicted juveniles usually end
up on probation for crimes like car thefts. Some are on multiple
probation until they turn 18. We know our prisons are crowded,
the police and judges know it, and so do the juveniles. How
about making them get a job and pay for the damage they do to
the cars they steal?

Shots fired calls have also been elevated but thankfully
murders have not. Usually not much is hit by the gunfire and
shell casings are found nearby. In most cases the police have a
pretty good idea who done the deed but can’t prove it. And in
the majority of these incidents the shooter isn’t going to

If this nonsense doesn’t end someones luck is going to run out
and another someone will get injured or killed. Cars and houses
have been sprayed, windows broken, and holes appeared where
there were none while the victims are left to clean up the mess.

So if you park your car outside, lock it up. If you park it in
a garage, lock the car and the garage. As for the shots fired,
we don’t have an answer other than to say be aware of what’s
going on around you.

Enjoy our saturday and we’ll post a snicker later today. Now
for some more coffee and a slice of pizza.
Comments are always welcome.

3 Responses to Getting crazy

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Stop car thefts, by installing manual transmissions.
    Stop “Shots Fired” calls and incidents, by bringing back the draft.
    Stop juvenile offenses, by allowing police and parents, to give the wild kids a good beating.

  2. Dale Gilmour says:

    What ever happen to “Community Service” anyway? Make these kids wear a bright orange vest, identifying what they did and put them in the parks picking up trash. Embarrassing them might be a more effective punishment.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    thanks for the reblog. I agree but fear we’re in the minority on the subject.

    Dale Gilmour,
    it would but in today’s society embarrassing them be racist and making them work would be cruel and inhumane treatment.

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