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I read an article yesterday about a man in Virginia who had
his Cadillac CTS-V confiscated because he had drag radials on
it and aftermarket exhaust. The article claims the man was obeying traffic laws when he was pulled over.

He was written up for too dark a tint on the windows, no front
license plate, having a modified exhaust, and not having street
legal tires (drag radials). The policeman asked the car owner if
he had a way to move the car and the owner made a call on his
cell phone then told the policeman his truck and trailer were
on the way. But before the rig could get there a tow truck
showed up and the car was towed after the plates were removed.
This cost the car owner $300 to get his car out of impound.

I have no problem with police and didn’t when I was getting
pulled over in my youth, but this is extreme to me. In the video
it isn’t raining so the drag radials would perform on the rear.

Back in the day we ran cheater slicks and got pulled over too.
But since the cheater slicks had two deep grooves most police
would cut you some slack. I have always had loud cars and the
police usually give me a thumbs up when I cruised by.

All that being said I don’t know the police man involved, the
car owner, or the laws of Virginia regarding modifications to
a motor vehicle. This just seems like overkill to me and I can’t
see the justification of impounding the car. That’s my opinion
and you’re welcome to yours. If you go to the article by
clicking on the link above the article has a video at the
bottom that tries to explain what happened.

Enjoy our Monday, we’ve only got one more left this month.
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4 Responses to Overkill?

  1. Brittius says:

    It’s a determination call. Also factor in, the attitude of the vehicle operator. Tires, probably deemed as insufficient/unsafe, but the photograph does not have any rain clouds or snow. Tinting, it’s going around too much, and mostly based on behaviors. I had to remove tinting on my windows as laws changed here, and, who is at fault, other than an overkill governor or an overkill bunch of lawmakers voted in and trying to justify their existence. Usually, tints hide drug activity or unlawful sex activity, back in the 20th century, cops were killed because the driver or a passenger had a gun ready and the cop could not see it, but then patrol cars got the spotlights that pierced through lino tinting. I liked the mirror tinting. Looked nice but too dark. Then came the meters to determine the percentage of tint. Loud exhaust, an annoyance. So the operator was “obeying” what laws? If a state requires two license plate and only one is (properly) affixed, that is an automatic impound offense but rarely is that ever the case. The aggregate of equipment violations and an inability of the operator to have the vehicle removed, will, cause towing. The custodial holding of the vehicle is civil and not criminal, and technically falls under impound, but done so to legally cover the tow company from lawsuits unless something out of the norm takes place. The trooper was working and had a skill developed in observations. Car was deemed unsafe for the road. Surprised no cell phone ticket, or radar detector ticket, or seatbelt ticket, was mentioned.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    forgot some people have an attitude. Tinted windows don’t do anything for me as I have enough trouble seeing at night without them. The driver was obeying traffic laws, he wasn’t driving like he stole it. Iowa has a 2 plate law and I can’t remember ever being stopped for it. I did have one police man ask me where I got my Oldfart’s Car Club plate that I had on the front of the 48′.
    I guess I’ve been lucky.

  3. gerrymackrell says:

    When some people don a uniform they become a different person. Most cops will find this action a bit over the top.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    true. It would be interesting to hear the official police version though.

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