Strange days

The people who get paid to make us think they know what the
weather is going to do were a little off yesterday. Although the
heat index in triple digits most of the day, the sunset was a
sight to behold, and the 20% chance of rain turned into a deluge
that had some guy named Noah worried.

The day started out like most summer days but the ever-changing
sky had me looking up in awe.

The Heavens offered entertainment for all who looked though
most stayed in because of the heat. The heat index was 105
degrees at 7 pm with enough humidity in the air to melt ice
cream trucks.

One would think plants and weeds would whither and die during
this heat unless they got hosed down good once in a while, but
one would be wrong. The beetles appear to love the heat and are
munching on everything edible in sight.

Then around sunset a change was noticed overhead. Said sunset
was amazing where it could be seen and noticeable were it could
not. Sort of hit or miss with dark clouds moving in.

Even with the cloud laden end to the light of the day not much
thought was given to rain. It just felt it would be hot enough
to pop the corn right on the stalk. Then shortly after the sun
went to bed thunder and lightening let you know that plans had

And then the skies opened up and the free car wash began. Not
sure how much rain we got, but the thunder could have caused a
dead man to sit up. Days like that make you happy to be alive.

Enjoy our friday, we won’t get another one this week. Now I
need coffee.
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2 Responses to Strange days

  1. Brittius says:

    I used to walk outside my kitchen (before the flood of 2012), and go to my bulkhead. Look at the tide. Look at the current. Knew with fair degree of accuracy what the weather would be.
    What kind of coffee?
    Frilly, flavored stuff? I use a coffee boiler. Throw the grinds (espresso) straight into boiling water. Give it twelve minutes, and have coffee strong enough to use as ink. It will make my eyes spin like a slot machine if I am not awake when I drink it (16 cups a day).
    Or do you make Navy coffee? 2:1 ratio of brown coffee and espresso? The Navy had the best coffee.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    just plain old black coffee and about as many cups as you or more.
    I liked the Navy coffee also.

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