It’s the corn?

I heard something yesterday that gave me pause for thought and
will ask the antique farmer shortly when I stop by. A
statement was made by one who throws darts at a weather map
that the corn crop this time of year adds 5 to 6 billion
gallons of water to the air this time of year and that is what
causes our high humidity.

Not being a scientist, but being someone who has walked
between the rows in the summer, I do know it does seem hotter
when you’re in the field. And if we’re planting a lot more corn
due to the ethanol mandate one wonders if that alone doesn’t
make it more humid here.

In our travels we’ve noticed other places are hotter but with
almost no humidity. When I look around these other places I
notice there isn’t a cornfield in sight. Add to that Iowa has
more wind turbines than a lot of other states to move this
humidity around and the plot thickens.

Not sure if I’ll learn anymore more about the subject today
but it does cause my mind to wonder. I like fresh corn on the
cob yet wonder about a tropical, non-humid, island where mangos
grow. I like mangos too.

Enjoy our tuesday and the fresh corn if it’s available where
you are. Since I didn’t see my obituary in the paper I know I
lived to fight another day, and if you don’t have fresh corn
perhaps you could have mangos.
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2 Responses to It’s the corn?

  1. Brittius says:

    I wonder…
    How to get pizza flavor into corn?
    Had an uncle who planted 15 acres of grape, and then mint grew wild in about two or three acres of the vineyard. He ended up with mint flavored grapes, that made nice jam, and some interesting wine.
    Test patch, oh, 50 square feet; Corn, Tomato; Basil; What to plant in the patch to get the mozzarella flavor? Maybe add after by melting it over the corn when cooking. Cruisin2, I think you might have a million dollar idea. Corn.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I like it! I’m surprised nobody else came up it. If we can get grape flavored apples at the store, pizza flavored corn isn’t a big stretch.

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