Starving Marvin

A new critter hopped into the neighborhood and since I had
seen him twice over a few days I named him Starving Marvin. Not
that I know for sure he is a male, only because when he poses
just right the name fits.

First spotted trying trying to blend in to his surroundings in
a neighboring lot he kept my attention with his skittish
movements and constant head turning.

Starving Marvin will let me get within about 8 feet of him yet
if I move any closer he’s gone in a flash. After a few days of
observing him munching at his favorite salad bar in the middle
of alley I had named him.

For being such a nervous critter he isn’t afraid to check you
out while you’re checking him out. And I haven’t seen a hawk
circling for a while so if he doesn’t get hit by a car racing
down the alley he may make it to see winter.

That reminded of a time we were still in the car club and I
asked a friend, who was still a farmer, if they had a big
problem with all the critters running around his farm. He
looked at me and said ‘we don’t have any critters on the farm
because we sent all the critters to the city’. Thanks.

Enjoy our Monday.
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2 Responses to Starving Marvin

  1. Brittius says:

    Another jackrabbit. Well, start digging up dandelions and replant them where the rabbit has been seen or seen munching. You can also plant a 10’x10′ bunny/squirrel vegetable garden.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    he prefers the neighbors yard and stays out of ours, but I’ll keep that in mind.

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