I knew it!

You may remember I got a haircut yesterday after everyone gave
up on bugging me to get one. I didn’t get it to look prettier,
nothing would help in the that department. I got a store bought
haircut because it was hot out and I was tired of not being
able to see anything when I bent over.

Having a face full of hair makes it hard to see the kids to
yell at them to get out of the yard. Yet people get the wrong
idea. They seem to think said haircut signafies the desire to
become a new and improved me. This is not the case. I can
assure all that I am still the equal oportunity offender.

By that I mean if you are easily offended at some point I
will be hearing I offended you. This is why I haven’t been
invited to wedding, or asked my opinion on the beauty of a new
baby for many years. The last wedding I attended resulting in
having to post bail twice and parents don’t like being told
their baby looks like Winston Churchill.

So imagine my surprise when I recieved a call that I was
eligible for an upgrade on my cell phone. The caller stated
that I could rid myself of my phone that only allows to make
and recieve calls and get one that allows me internet access,
text messaging, and the ability to share pictures taken
instantly on the internet.

I have no need for instant updates of phony baloney news or
to know what the weather guessers think the weather will be
like. This is one oldfart who is fighting the technology fad
and proud of it. And if by chance you call and I don’t answer,
leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

Enjoy our friday. We’ll be heading to the grocery store in a
little while to pay too much for what we don’t really need. Now
I need a Snicker’s again.
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