Better late than never

I didn’t intend on a late post today when I woke up. With just
one task to accomplish the thought was it would be just a
little late. What did I want to get done you ask?

Over coffee this morning I told the wife I wanted to get a
haircut. And when I add that our metropolitan area has over
350,000 people living here, it should have been a snap. I got

First we determined my last haircut was 2 years in Idaho and
that meant it was probably time. But since I hadn’t been to a
barber in that time I didn’t know where the barber shops were.
No problem for an old school fool like me, I’d look in the
phone book and probably find hundreds of barber shops in our

Wrong! The yellow pages had listings for 5 barber shops, 2 of
which were in another state across the river. Putting on my
thinking cap so I wouldn’t get a head ache, the information
highway came to mind.

After typing the data in and hitting enter I found what
I thought I was looking for. 100 of the best barber shops in
the Quad Cities. But going down the list I realized 3 of the
first 5 were no longer in business! No time to waste on the
other 95.

So the memory of getting my last hair cut came back. I just
walked into a Wal-Mart in Idaho, found a barber shop inside,
and got a haircut. So I headed out to Wally World.

I arrived at Wally World, found the barber, and noticed a sign
that proclaimed “Walk Ins Welcome”. Finally. Both hair cutters
were busy but one stopped and came up to the counter to ask if
I wanted a hair cut. I replied that one was indeed needed to
which she replied ‘it will be about 10 minutes’.

The nice lady who cut my hair was not in a very good mood, but
I made it through the haircut. She asked how I wanted it cut so
I replied ‘shorter’. She asked if I wanted her to wash my hair
and I said no. After what seemed like forever I could once
again see my ears.

So this is late. Next time I may just make an appointment.
Enjoy our thursday, ours is going great now.
Comments are always welcome.

3 Responses to Better late than never

  1. Brittius says:

    I have an Elmer Fudd hairdo, because the Almighty said so.
    Using Wahl clipper for years. Takes some time to get used to, but with a mirror and patience, you get the hang of it. Just did it this morning. Low fade. Looks sharp. I also shave with a straight razor, have several, and doing it since 1970 with a straight razor. What you need to do is, cut hair, jump in the shower, then a clean shave with whatever you are in the mood for, splash water on, or use alum, or aftershave. You feel clean and like a million bucks.
    As far as cutting too short, you were in the service, so you should not be afraid, it grows back. Or, you can train Mrs. Cruisin2, to do the clipping. Youtube has some really good videos on it. Looks like you have a full head of hair, so that helps out alot. I look in the mirror and the reflection said, “You wascal wabbit!”.

  2. Brittius says:

    PS: For a tight haircut, you can put pomade on your hair, or white petroleum jelly, just a little, rub it between your open hands and into your hair, then comb/brush it. I clean my hands with Lava. You might end up looking about ten or fifteen years younger, and have a bit more spring in your step.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    I just felt like a store bought haircut and couldn’t say why. I also have the clippers but don’t trust the wife to use them. I had her do the back once and learned my lesson. I have cut my hair short before, just to throw people off. I’ll try shaving in the shower but I’ll pass on the straight razor. Thanks for the advice.

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