Chatting with antique farmer


Talking to Dad yesterday I think we both had a great time. He
was more talkative than usual and we covered a lot of ground.
Everything from one Iowa farmer losing his crop to weather
earlier this week due to storms, to how it’s getting crazy
trying to remember all the different sexes we now have.

We talked of two-cylinder John Deere tractors, some tree limbs
that were hanging in his back yard, and the summer of 1936. In
Iowa that year the temperature stayed above 102 degrees from
the 3rd of July to the 17th, when it dropped to 99 and then
went back up again.

The heat came after a drought that was the dust bowl and on
the heels of record cold and snowfall over the winter. Some
were predicting the end of the world while others strived to
survive. In those days before air-conditioning became popular,
many slept on their porches as the house was just too hot.

Grandpa always said tractors were a fad and horses couldn’t be
worked in the heat because they don’t sweat and would have
dropped over dead. So any work that involved the horses was
done at night. When Grandpa left the farm for the last time in
the early 1970s he still told anyone who would listen that the
tractor was a fad that wouldn’t stand the test of time.

Sometimes I see him standing there with his bib overalls,
matching hat, and brown work boots pulling a hanky out of a
pocket and blowing his nose before starting to talk of the
many fine points of a good work horse.

When it was time to go I noticed Dad was smiling and after I
walked to the car I caught sight of some smiling idiot in the
rear view mirror. It was a great day.

Enjoy our Wednesday.
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4 Responses to Chatting with antique farmer

  1. Mamabear says:

    Was the pic taken on his birthday? You’re both looking good. I see he’s not even using a cane LOL.

    Sounds like you had a great talk with your Dad. Those talks about everything and nothing in particular are the best aren’t they? My Dad wasn’t a big talker, but when he opened up we had great talks just like you had with your Dad and they’re memorable and I smile when I think of them.

    Coming from a family of farmer’s you and I have that in common. I bet our Grandpa’s were much alike. The horses were long gone when I was there. For many yrs we had big red tractors and then one day a big green one was there and I never thought I’d see a green tractor, but Dad loved that tractor.

    Hot and humid here in NW PA~I saw a herd or two of cows all huddled together and Grandpa would’ve said that signaled a storm was on the way~so we’ll see if the cows predicted correctly. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    the picture was taken last year on his 90th birthday. He uses a cane now, but only because they told him he needed a walker. Grandpa had one Deere tractor and 2 work horses. It’s hot here and I’ve heard that one about the cows myself a few time. We’ll enjoy what’s left of the day and hope you can do the same.

  3. gerrymackrell says:

    I agree with your dad, horses are nicer than tractors. Look better, smell better, and respond in a way tractors never will.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    can’t argue that. Can’t pet a tractor.

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