Iowa scents

I would imagine when Texans go to another state they would get
asked if everything really is bigger there. Being from Iowa is
a whole different story. Some confuse our state with Indiana,
Idaho, and believe it or not, Ohio! We are not famous for our

In 2016 our population was 3,134,693 with about 7 times that
many hogs. People from other places think Iowa is all farmland
and flat as a skipping rock. We do have manufacturing, financial
services, information technology, biotechnology, and around
30% of our energy comes from green energy sources. We also
have hills.

The green energy has become a source of displeasure to some as
wind turbines tend to push the aroma of pig poop into places it
has never been before. And when the smell of money hits city
folk in their nostrils it is not a pretty sight.

Now some suburbanites are suing the farmers with wind turbines
as they feel the aroma is a nuisance. No war has been declared
yet and we’re told scientists are looking for ways to tone down
the smells that offend those who moved to suburbia.

These same suburbanites who are suing over the nuisance are
among those who pushed to get more wind farms (green energy)
in our state. Being a country boy I know the smell of manure
in large quantities can be distracting, but why push for wind
farms that only spread this smell over longer distances?

Did you think hogs and cattle had outhouses for their waste or
farmers sent their children out with industrial sized pooper
scoopers and plastic bags before you moved next to a farm?
Then you also probably didn’t know that some farmers spread
the manure over their fields as a fertilizer. When those big
turbine blades start spinning in the breeze it will move the
odor along with the air.

Our opinion is to be careful what wish for, you may just get
it. We will return to our regular postings in our next one.
Enjoy your tuesday as it’s the only one we get this week.
Comments are always welcome.

2 Responses to Iowa scents

  1. Brittius says:

    Hate to say it, but that is common. Back in the 20th century, I drove a CJ7 that I built for mostly driving on my late brother’s farm in upstate New York. I happen to be one of few, who knows all the county back roads where his farm was.
    It was about a year after 9/11, that I was visiting my brother on one of my regular days off from work. Maybe a mile or two from his farm, there was a farm (farming community), and some dog and chickens in the road. I stop well before them. I had an ice cream bell, from JC Whitney, wired to the from bumper with button installed on the dashboard, and double-tap the bell, three times. “Ding- Ding. Ding-Ding. Ding-Ding”. I wait, and the farmer comes out, waving hello. I wave back. Road clear, and I go on my way. Did that so many times. Then one morning, I am stopped, with the bell rung and waiting. A Land Rover in the opposite direction comes flying at about 50 mph, horn blaring, and never stopped for the livestock. The farmer hustled up, because the dog almost got hit. I hop out, yelling for the Rover driver to stop. I was mad as hell.
    The farmer starts talking to me. Thanked me for always stopping. Said he knows the bell is my CJ7. I told him I installed it, so I would not scare livestock. He smiled. Then he tells me, that his family is on the same land since 1859. Since 9/11, yuppies are moving from the city (NYC), and building monstrosity homes on land the buy cheap. BMWs, Rovers, Mercedes, all around now, and he said they never stop, they speed, and they lean on the horns like crazy. He said the yuppy women drivers are worse. He goes on to tell me that now, he has yuppy lawyers all around his farm, and they have taken over town hall. He must move his cows. The yuppies complain of smelling manure.
    He did move the cows, and now the yuppies rezoned the farm as non-livestock agricultural. The cows were moved to another piece of land he owns across the road, and there too, with only trees on threes sides and a road on the fourth side, the yuppies rezoned him, as the complaint was when the yuppies drive, the air conditioning picks up odors, and the upholstery keeps the odors.
    One morning, just about 6 a.m., I reached the farm and it was empty. No truck. No car. No dog. No chickens. No cows. For Sale sign in front by the mailbox at the road. About a year after that, homes were built on the site where the farm was. Hideous looking homes. European cars all over the place. A Volvo ran a stop sign, never stopped, I jammed the brakes, and the other driver gave me “the finger” as he accelerated off, down the road.
    My question is, who, stinks? The livestock, or what’s coming?

  2. cruisin2 says:

    sad to see it. I hope one day those idiots realize they can’t eat their money. Used to be everyone would side with farmer but now it seems like almighty dollar rules, even when it doesn’t make sense.

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