Time for a change?

We, as Americans, seem fond of using slang to describe things
and/or people. Like snowflake. It has been around a while and
while funny when first heard has grown old. Perhaps we need a

A new movement should be started to come up with another
moniker and we’d like to start the ball rolling. We believe
that from this point on they should be called hailstones. Why
you ask? We’ll try to explain so even they can understand.

First, we’re surprised there aren’t more protests over the fact
the term snowflake could be considered racist. How you ask?
Because snowflakes are white and thus racist. If Al Sharpton
wasn’t so busy not paying taxes we’re sure he’d jump on this.

And snowflakes remind most of quiet winter snows that cover
the ground and cloak the ugliness in a blanket of white. This
group the term is used to describe appear anything but quiet.

So we believe they should now be referred to hailstones. Why?
Because hail stones usually happen during noisy thunderstorms,
can do damage, and when they melt it’s hard to tell they were
ever there.

And the group being targeted for the name change do make a lot
of noise when they don’t get their way, cause damage when they
riot, and when they’re gone nobody remembers they were there
or what upset them.

So we’ll throw our suggestion out there and perhaps we could
give this group of disgruntled Americans a new name. Do you
have one you think would work? It’s a team effort. We feel
anything worth naming is worth naming right.

Enjoy our monday as yesterday is gone and tomorrow is always
a dream away. Now I need a Snicker’s.
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