Bound to happen

When our former Governor signed the bill legalizing fireworks
I wonder if he knew it was going to cause major problems. It
has been noisy and the smoke at times was pretty thick, but the
bill only allowed fireworks around the 4th of July and New
Year’s Day.

Our city council has reacted with the swiftness of a gazelle
to enact a ban on the use of the legal fireworks. Citing 8
serious injuries, 4 grass fires, 2 structure fires, a car fire,
the noise and bunch of leftover trash that wasn’t cleaned up.

The city now has a ban on the use of legal fireworks and are
talking raising fines if caught. The police I’ve talked to have
said it’s almost impossible to catch someone in the act and
they can’t ticket someone standing around watching when they
are set off.

Those saying clean up is a problem must not have grew up
living on an alley. Our daily walk usually finishes with our
hands full of liqour bottles, cigarette packs, fast food bags,
and pop bottles that others have deposited in our ferns and the
edge of the alley.

But I say our city leaders are looking at the problem all
wrong. Since fireworks sales became legal again the vendors
must have made a lot of money which means lots of sales taxes
were paid, some of which may end up back in our city. It is
times like these I dream of living in a place that you need a
telescope to see your nearest neighbors house.

Enjoy our Thursday as that means Friday is only a dream away.
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