Holiday thoughts

As we celebrate the 4th and reflect on previous Independence
Days, we smile. And some memories make us laugh while others
are sad. Some holidays we worked and others were spent with
friends and family. All are treasures.

Last night the wife and I ventured out the back door to see
if could spy some of the fireworks display from our riverfront.
Every year the old growth trees between us and the river grow
just a little taller.

Now only the tops of some fireworks and all of the higher
flying pyrotechnics can be seen. But since Iowa legalized the
sale and use of fireworks we were surrounded by our very own
display. Neighbors in all four directions set off enough
fireworks to brighten the night sky and rattle the windows.

For a short time I was considering buying some Dragon’s Breath
shotgun shells for the event. But then I had a rational moment
and decided that firing the shells and shooting a stream of
fire 100 feet into the air out of my 12 gauge might not be such
a good idea when surrounded by trees and other houses.

So we watched the fireworks while our place remained dark. It
worked out well but I will admit that what is considered
consumer grade fireworks sound a lot like bombs going off.
It appeared to be contest on who could make the most noise and
set off the most.

The only down side is Ghost is in the hospital. Get well soon
my friend. We need a coffee break. Enjoy the 4th as it won’t
be here tomorrow. Now I go in search of a pizza.
Comments are always welcome.


One Response to Holiday thoughts

  1. Mamabear says:

    Sorry to hear that Ghost is in the hospital~Get well soon!!!

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