This has been a week for the record books, and it isn’t even
over yet. I’m beginning to lose faith in my fellow humans who
share our space. Through it all I did manage to get the front
lawn mowed before it rained and will finish the back when this
is finished.

Earlier this week, in the middle of a conversation, I had a
lady ask me if I had my teeth or wore dentures. I didn’t know
what to make of the question but answered that my teeth were
the ones I was born with.

Then yesterday when I went to the doctors office the nurse
asked me if I used alcohol or street drugs! I had never been
asked that question before and wondered if perhaps it wasn’t
time I get a haircut. Sometimes being a long haired redneck has
it challenges.

While at the doctors I did have an episode that hearkened back
to the days of my ear injury due to gunfire. I couldn’t hear
anything! The wife later told me the receptionists had asked
me my name and I replied “I’m here to see the doctor”. That
explained the bewildered look on the poor girls face.

Later last night we had the monster storm that didn’t happen.
We were under a tornado watch, severe thunderstorm watch, and
told the size of the hail falling from the skies could reach
epic proportions. And, it didn’t happen. We did get heavy rain
in the morning, just no storm last night.

And while not a first, a headline caught my eye from a small
town Iowa newspaper. It said “Tornado destroys house, one horse
injured.” Gotta love small towns. Storms are predicted again
today and since I set outside with my camera to get some
pictures of the storm that didn’t come, I’ll wait until I hear
it to go out.

So enjoy our Wednesday wherever you are. Tomorrow it will just
be a memory.
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4 Responses to Really?

  1. Sunith says:

    Sometimes it all sounds like we are in a dream when people act out of the way…

  2. Ron Walker says:

    Some people ask the dumbest questions. I try to practice a comeback, but many times it catches me off guard.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    it does seem like it.

    Ron Walker,
    they are anything but predictable.

  4. Humanorgans.Ru

    Really? | Just Cruisin 2

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