Rainy days

The sunset last night was a little bland compared to some
we’ve seen, but we’ll take it because there won’t be one today.
As this is being written the rain is falling while the thunder
and lightening let us know it’s serious.

Here on the east coast of Iowa storms are predicted all of
today with rain to follow a few more after that. But the weeds
need water and everything being wet will dampen the chance of
fires of the 4th.

I’ll be out in it off and on starting in less that 2 hours as
my doctors appointment is this morning, then the critters need
fed. We may even get a few pictures in between the rain drops.

A good day to sit on the porch with a good cup of coffee and
watch mother nature do her thing. We are supposed to get a
break in the storms and if we do it may turn into a Kodak

We hope your weather is a little nicer than ours today and I
need a cup of coffee, so this will be short. Enjoy our
Wednesday even it’s raining. The flowers and crops need a drink
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