Talk with Dad

Went over to see Dad this morning and he was pretty talkative
for a change. He was in good spirits and we joked around until
the physical therapist arrived, then we joked around some more.

We talked of many things, from the farmhouse that never did
have running water to the weather and even critters. His
therapy sessions at home are going to end and I could see the
mischief in his eyes when he heard the news.

If I’m old school he is antique school and the therapist
finally got it today. She recommended he use a walker when he’s
up and moving and he just replied he’d use his cane. She had
the common sense not to argue.

She did push for a bench to go in the bathtub so he could take
showers and Dad seemed to like that idea. She also pointed out
that he shouldn’t try it on his own. While he said he wouldn’t
the glimmer in his eye gave away the fact that he is going to
try it.

We don’t know where this idea will go but it’s his call. Like
he says, he’s 92 and running out of time but wants to do as
much for himself as he can. I can respect that.

Now I have a yard to mow and bushes to attack. All should be
dry by now after yesterdays rain and if I don’t get going it
won’t get done. Enjoy our Tuesday. Before we know it tomorrow
will be here and today a memory.
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2 Responses to Talk with Dad

  1. gerrymackrell says:

    You had a very happy fathers day

  2. cruisin2 says:

    thank you.

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