Same stuff, different day

We had a long visit with Dad this morning and even walked up
the alley with him for his physical therapy. The walk was just
a little over a city block long and according to the therapist
he did pretty good.

He liked the book even though it wasn’t the first choice but I
thought if it was something he was interested in his might use
his hands a little more and loosen the one up. Time will tell.
Dad appears to be getting up alright but didn’t like it when
the therapist told him to use the walker instead of his cane.

Since it’s cooler today, the yard awaits. Weeds need pulled
and the back needs mowed. Since I got a call today that told me
the County Attorney doesn’t need me for an ear witness I may
even find the time to get something done. This is the second
time I’ve gotten a subpoena on the same case, because I heard
gun shots, and the second time I was told I wasn’t needed.

Either they heard the rumor I’m a long haired redneck who
sometimes gets mistaken for a homeless person or the police
woman who interviewed me told them how hard of hearing I am.

The space station is supposed to fly over tonight so I’ll try
my luck at photographing a small, fast moving, object in the
sky later tonight also. Then if the weather holds out we might
even take in a car show this weekend.

Enjoy our Tuesday as we won’t get another this week.
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