I set out on what I thought would be an easy quest today that
left me more than a little confused. Earlier I had a brain storm
that Dad might like a book with pictures of old John Deere
tractors, and since Iowa is an agriculture state, figured
finding such a book would be a breeze.

The quest started at a local branch of a national book store
chain that claims to have over 1 million books in stock. I
waltzed through the doors assuming this would be a 5 minute
stop. Reality set in around that time frame as I was told by an
employee of the store that they stocked no books on farm
tractors old or new.

Not to be deterred I tried another book store with much the
same results. I did however find a book. Since I received such
funny looks when I referenced 2-cylinder John Deere tractors at
the first stop, I mentioned books on farming here.

There were many books in this section, like How to Raise
Chickens, Planting Seasons, Phases of the Moon, and the like.
My helper this time pointed to one coffee table sized book on
Modern Tractors. So I told her that since I was in the right
section I’d browse on my own.

And I did find a suitable book after some searching. The same
clerk was manning the register when I finished and we both got
more confused when I stated that one would think living in a
state that relies on agriculture for it’s very survival you could
find a book on tractors.

She replied that it wasn’t a popular subject like actors or
video game hacks. The sad thing is, she’s probably right. More
and more people don’t care about history or how things work,
only that they do work. On the bright side I guess people are
still reading something.

Enjoy our Monday. Here on the east coast of Iowa we’re a week
away from the Hot Rod Power Tour coming through and stopping at
our fairgrounds.
Comments are always welcome.

4 Responses to Confused

  1. Brittius says:

    An uncle, who taught me how to shoot, had an M-Series John Deere, as did one of my late brothers owned an M-Series because he liked it, and I have seen A-Series on other farms. In Iowa, What was the preferred JD series? So many different models going up to today, and the other brands, IH, McCormick, and a Ford that I kind of liked real nice.

    I look at tractors today, don’t ask me why, I just like them, especially when front loaders are removed and Hedgehogs are flailing, or snow is on the ground and attachments blowing, while an enclosed cab looks so warm. I even look at Ritchie Brothers, every now and then.

    I know if I ever hit the Powerball, I will need to make so real big decisions. BTW: If there is nothing that you like by way of coffee table books, why not go to a few farm shows with your spiffy camera, and make your own scrapbook with farm implement photos, tractor photos, old parts and remnants photos? Bet you can do a much better job than any person who was never around a farm.

  2. Ron Walker says:

    Our kids will be like the inhabitants of the future in “Time Machine” where they wander around brainless, being taken care of.

  3. Dale Gilmour says:

    I’m not putting in a plug for them, but the last time I was at the Iowa Machine Shed for a meal, maybe a year ago, I believe they had quite a few historical books on tractors. It might be worth a try the next time you go out to your favorite farm store. Also, Cracker Barrel might be another option.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    on the farm we had Models A, B, and G along with draft horses because to his dying day Granpa still swore tractors were a fad. I’ve worked with many different tractors and like the Ford 8N for some projects and newer Deutz diesels were beasts. I don’t have enough tractor pictures yet but there is a show coming up. Thanks for the idea.

    Ron Walker,
    lol, and none of them use how to use tools.

    Dale Gilmour,
    thanks. We do out to eat much, but Thiesens is a regular stop. If that don’t work we could go out for dinner. I’ll see if Dad likes this one before I buy anymore.

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