Better late than never

Our day started out over at Dads on his 92nd birthday and just
ended with washing the grime off the car. Dad was like a kid in
a candy store in anticipation of cake and presents and was
stepping lively.

I don’t believe there is much the world can throw at him that
would keep him down. His walker, which he was told by the
doctor he needed to use at all times, is pushed off to the side
and he uses his cane.

So after a good visit we came back home, the wife went to bed,
and I got busy. Took a few picture in between checking the chores
off the honey-do list while wondering what I was doing outside
in the 90+ degree heat when the house has central air. Then I
remembered, I like being outside.

Next time I work outside I’m not wearing a black t-shirt.
Enjoy our Sunday as the work week is only a dream away.
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4 Responses to Better late than never

  1. QC Cat says:

    Did you use a tripod on that bird?

  2. Mamabear says:

    It’s great that at 92 your Dad still enjoys a good party with cake and presents. Here’s to another year under his belt and heading to 100! He really should be encouraged to use the walker~I’d hate to hear he’s had another fall~he could break bones the next time! If that was my Dad I’d get the cane outta the house. Who gave him the cane in the first place?

  3. Ron Walker says:

    Happy Birthday to your Dad! Great shot of the bird.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    QC Cat,
    that’s another lucky hand held shot.

    thanks. Dad won’t ask anybody for anything and feels shame in doing so. He gets mad if you try to help him get up, but he’s happy
    and at home. As for taking the cane, he has so many stashed around he’d just grab another one.

    Ron Walker,
    I’ll let Dad know. Thanks. The picture was another lucky shot. I was
    taking pictures of the bird and he just took off at the right time.

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