Got er done

The birds were singing, the sky was blue, and the time perfect
to go over and trim Dads bushes this morning. The task was well
thought out with plans made and enough tools to do the trees
also. Then the plans changed.

The bushes did get trimmed and I’ve been told they look good
yet I couldn’t finish the job for lack of a rake. With the wifes
old car it was no problem getting a rake into the trunk. With
the new one I don’t believe it possible.

Knowing that Dad had a rake in his garage I began. The
trimming went great, but when I asked Dad for the keys to get
into the garage and grab a rake that all went downhill. He
said he didn’t know where the keys were but did know where the
remote was for the overhead door.

Thinking my luck had changed I strode back outside to the rear
of the garage, hit the button, and nothing happened. I tried
several different positions holding the remote at various angles
yet the door didn’t go up. I even tried saying “Open sesame to
no avail.

So while the greenery looks good the piles of clippings around
them do not. I called my brother and he said he’d take care of
it later as he was going to mow anyway. Some days we’re the
windshield and some days we’re the bug.

Enjoy our Wednesday, we’re halfway to the weekend. Now I need
more coffee and some Biofreeze on my sore back.
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4 Responses to Got er done

  1. Mamabear says:

    Sure sounds like you had a very productive day despite not being able to rake up all the clippings and I’m guessing that your Dad liked the job you did! Thank heaven for Biofreeze. Hope you treated yourself with a candy bar.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Dad was grinning ear to ear so it’s worth the Biofreeze. I took the wife for lunch and had my Snicker’s later.

  3. Mamabear says:

    The look on your Dad’s face made your day! Do you have an unmarried brother that’s as nice as you are? LOL j/k

  4. cruisin2 says:

    I do have an unmarried brother who is a nice guy. He just doesn’t have too many teeth left.

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