Late again

Earlier we went over to see how Dad is doing and he was doing
good. The health care person that was there put him through his
paces with some physical therapy and he had a good breakfast.
He said he was glad to be home and it showed.

It turned out to be a gray drizzly day and since I didn’t feel
like getting soaked it was an inside day. I ventured out a few
times to fill the bird feeder, put some peanuts out for the
squirrels, and bring in the trash bin from the alley.

Which caused me to wonder; if submarines had screen doors who
would be in charge of making sure a hatch was closed so said
door didn’t leak. I could imagine a long drawn out name for the
rate in charge of that.

Then I thought about why spiders have 8 legs. Why not 7 or a
hundred and two? Now some spiders who lost a leg only have 7
but I’ve never seen one with more than eight.

Because of trying to solve these problems this post is late.
The time flew by while my brain went into overdrive and now it
is late. In less than 2 hours I’ll get the wife up so she can
go to work. Guess I’m going to have to pay more attention to
what’s going on around me.

I’ll end there and say enjoy our Tuesday. Before we know it
hump day will be here.
Comments are always welcome.

3 Responses to Late again

  1. Mamabear says:

    What an inventive idea with the Slinky to keep the squirrels outta the bird feeder~I’m going to tell friends about that! Wish I’d known about it when Dad was alive.

    LMAO at your musings esp the one about the spider legs.

    It’s Hump Day here in PA so enjoy the day!

  2. Brittius says:

    Who secures screen hatches: Sieveman.
    The sievesman, generally become FBI agents, because in the past decade, the FBI investigations have had more leaks than a wicker submarine.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    I saw a video using the slinky for bird feeders and thought I’d try it.
    So far the squirrels give me dirty looks but haven’t made it back to the bird feeder. We will enjoy the day.

    lol, good a name as any and great analogy.

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