Beautiful day

When we started our errands today it was 30 degrees colder
than yesterday and pouring rain. We got soaked twice but I’m
grinning ear to ear because it’s a beautiful day. After 17 days
in the hospital Dad is back home.

We were with him until around 10:30 this morning and a short
time later he was back in his recliner living large. He’ll need
24 hour a day assistance, but in his own house. He’s happy,
we’re happy, and a little rain won’t change that.

I’m not even upset that my agreeing to another pneumonia shot
backfired. Yesterday. I didn’t even feel the nurse stick me
with the syringe so I thought the pain wouldn’t come. I woke up
this morning with that arm feeling like somebody wailed on it
with a baseball bat. That didn’t put a damper on the day

Even the constant nonsense called network news couldn’t get me
yelling at the TV today, I just shut it off. I may not even
turn it back on later tonight when Perry Mason comes on. I can
take no more of the insane accusations leveled against our

It is a little hard to believe that our fellow citizens are
believing the bull the media is shipping. If Trump is so
unpopular, how did he get elected? He said he would drain the
swamp, is doing so, and the career politicians are running
scared. That tells me the president is doing exactly what he
said he would.

Enjoy our Friday and don’t worry about the weather.
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3 Responses to Beautiful day

  1. Mamabear says:

    Glad to hear that your Dad is home and sitting comfortably in his recliner once again.

    I got a pneumonia shot yesterday too~it’s supposed to be the one that you never need another one~well if another one felt like this one did I don’t want it!!! My arm is killing me, but that’s alright b/c if that’s the worst thing in my life then I can deal with it.

    I suppose the weather you’ve got is heading my way, but at least today is nice and sunny and 77º

    Have a great weekend.everyone!

  2. Ron Walker says:

    Let him drain the swamp. They are a bunch of stranded fish, afraid that they will die in the muck that is left. All the media outlets should be ashamed to even cover those lies. Of course we know that’s how they make the big bucks. I am recording some new Ancient Aliens, anything is better than the re-hashing of all that.
    Glad your Dad is back home. Nothing can ruin that good feeling.

  3. cruisin2 says:

    thank you. This is the 4th lifetime pneumonia shot I’ve gotten but the doc swears it’s the last I need. I can’t figure out why if this shot is good for us it hurts. As for the weather, we’ll be back up around 70 tomorrow. Take it easy with the arm, it’ll get better.

    Ron Walker,
    thanks. Dad couldn’t wait to get back home. Even the Rinos are jumping ship so they must be afraid Trumps going to stop their gravy train. As for the media, I’m not watching the drivel they’re pushing anymore. But I’ll probably watch Perry Mason.

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