Getting ready

We’re gearing up for a busy week. The wife goes back to work,
Dad may get out of the hospital Friday, I’ve still got half the
lawn to mow, and I picked up a small chore while we had lunch
with the wife’s Mom.

I hope we can accomplish everything on the list by weeks end.
If not, that’s what next week is for. I am also going to make
the long awaited doctors appointment. Seems like I just went
three years ago and I’m getting pestered to go again.

It’s ironic that when I go the doctor, he orders tests and
has me come back when the test results are in. Every time this
has happened he says the results look good, just keep doing
what you’re doing.

He knows I’m still smoking, eat like a teenager, don’t get
enough sleep, and don’t much care to drink proper fluids. Why
can’t I just keep doing what I’m doing, pat myself on the back
every couple of years, and save the cost of the doctors visits?
I’d probably have enough saved for an ocean cruise in about
thirty years.

Of course I’d be 96. But I’d be a healthy 96 and probably only
look 102. Before all that an appointment will be made and kept.
I’ll give Doc one more shot.

Enjoy our Sunday, the work week is only a dream away. We’ll be
ready. And Happy Mother’s Day to all!
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2 Responses to Getting ready

  1. Ron Walker says:

    I have tried to stop going. They keep finding parts that are wearing out.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    Ron Walker,
    lol, that’s true. I’m just trying to check out with a few original parts left in me.

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