Thoughts on a good day

We decided to get groceries as usual this morning then visit
Dad. It was discovered feeding critters can get expensive but
we like the critters. After we got back and the groceries were
put in their proper places we timed it so we could go to therapy
with Dad.

When that was finished and we were back in the room a nurse ,or
someone in uniform, came and asked if I were Dad’s brother.
Acting outraged I told her I was his oldest son. She stepped in
it further when she said, ‘it’s just that he (Dad) looks so

Of course I had to come back with ‘and I look so old?’ She had
a good comeback and said we ‘looked alike’. Personally, I don’t
see it but others have made the same comment. About that time
his lunch came and the lady left. It was fun while it lasted.

Now we’re back home and I’ve had my fill of Chips Ahoy! Next
on the agenda is to try and tame the grass out front. Not sure
the lawn mower will survive but I’m willing to try. Later I’ll
cook up a couple steaks with all the fixings and call it day. It
isn’t pizza, but I make the sacrifice when the wife gets a day

Enjoy our Friday and weekend. The weather here on the east
coast of Iowa is supposed to nice and if the lawn doesn’t get
mowed today it will be there tomorrow.
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4 Responses to Thoughts on a good day

  1. Mamabear says:

    Maybe you could check the price of a bag of shelled corn at a local farmer~that’s what my Dad gave his critters and he also got it on the cob and would drill a hole and stick it on a big nail on the tree.

    One time my parents were visiting my Dad’s Dad in a NH and someone asked Mum if she was Grandpa’s wife~it made her so upset and to this day she still remembers the comment. So she’d be able to relate what happened to you today~you’re not bad for the shape you’re in LOL j/k.

    I can taste those steaks~bet they were good.

    Have a good rest of the day and a wonderful weekend. Hope your Dad is doing better everyday.

  2. cruisin2 says:

    I’ll try that as the birds are going through a 20 pound bag of seed a
    week. I didn’t get upset, I was actually glad somebody thought I looked liked Dad because I don’t resemble Mom at all.

    The steaks came out perfect and I made onion rings too. We’ll enjoy the weekend as the wife has two days off. Dad looks
    better every time we go up but is still having trouble believing he may need a lot of help when he goes home. We’ll know soon enough.

  3. Mamabear says:

    You could cut down on how much seed you put out~they’ll go away if there isn’t any.

    Glad you weren’t upset about the comment about looking like your Dad~at least you don’t look like the milkman LOL I resemble Dad and his side of the family.

    Glad the steaks were perfect~I love O rings.too. Glad the wife is off this weekend.

    Great news about your Dad~takes a lot of work to get better. Hope he won’t need help at home for to long.

  4. cruisin2 says:

    we bought seeds that were supposed to attract cardinals, but then
    the other birds forced them out. I still see at least one cardinal a day so I’ll keep filling the feeder.

    Mom had blonde hair and blue eyes. Since I have neither I’m glad to look like Dad. We’re going over to the wife’s Mom for a Mother’s Day meal a little later and Dad and myself have a plan. I’ll just jump in bed while he makes his getaway. Since we have the same name and I know his birthday, which medical staff asks when they come in his room, we think it might work.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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